Story of a Coffee Nut

This is a story of a coffee nut, a dream and lots of hard work.

Almost eleven years ago we started a small specialty coffee roastery in Ballarat, a rural Victorian city, about 100km west of the state capital Melbourne. In Melbourne the ‘coffee establishment’ liked to believe that they had all the best coffees. The Bean Barn started with the premise that we did not want to do strong, bitter coffee – which seemed to be the only kind on offer.  We opened our doors in April of 2005 offering a range of Single Origin coffees and our own house blend. This was before Single Origin coffee was trendy. Right from the beginning we offered our customers a choice between the range of coffees we had on offer.  Something that became trendy in Melbourne over the last couple of years.

Often, for customers who had not been introduced to Single Origin coffee, the coffee beans came along with conversations about coffee growing regions, and how to experience the taste difference in the beans from around the world.   Over the years, the conversations have been as enjoyable as the coffee.  It’s wonderful to witness the moment when people can taste the difference between the coffee they used to buy and our coffee.  There is no going back from there!

As time went on we moved to a larger shop, moving from one side of Sturt Street to the other, switched from a 5kg Probat coffee roaster to a 12kg Dietrich roaster and sampled countless coffees from around the world.

“Quality at every stage” is our motto. We get the best specialty grade green coffee beans from all over the world, develop a roasting profile to bring out the best flavours, so what you buy is the best in every sense. We also roast often so the beans you buy are always fresh – they haven’t been sitting around in a warehouse, or on a back shelf for an unknown number of months.  We always write the ‘roasted on’ date on the back of the coffee bag so you know exactly how fresh it is.

Running a seven day a week coffee roastery and cafe was fun and a lot of hard work.  It is time to move into a new phase.  We will still offer the same high quality coffee beans on a retail and wholesale basis, but we have decided not to run a cafe any longer.  It is a big adventure moving the roastery from the centre of town to a rural property and we want to continue the conversations about coffee with you, which is the reason we’re setting up this blog.  Sign up to receive news about our coffee and keep the conversation going.